Rendered Useless.jpg


Punk Rock / Skatepunk / Hardcore

Acquiring their name from an adult film where the lead actress was Rendered Useless, the outfit seems to have only one mode: Hard. Placing their faith in the pathos that everyone is the captain of their own destiny, Rendered Useless continue to rally leaders, friends, and audiences with their vice like grip on the back of Portland’s pasty white neck and depositing their ample girth into the nape of victory. An amalgamation of melodic hardcore and skatepunk smarts, Rendered Useless thoroughly probe the inner sanctum of Punkrock by destroying it from the inside out, only to leave it better than they found it: Rendered useful

El Brado: Vocals

Omar Cripps: Guitar, Vocals

Caleb Pollock: 2nd Guitar, Vocals

Guys Johnson: Bass, Vocals

Matt Danger: Drums, Vocals