Secnd Best - Teach em to Purr - Album Cover.jpg


Skatepunk / Protopunk

Portland's longest running all original member Punkrock band is incarnate and fully present. Incendiary antics transmogrified by genius level thrashpunk will keep you guessing from bar to bar of their eclectic quartet arranged catalogue. Secnd Best's unabashed quirk & razor quick smarm appear to randomly revolve in an entropic state of chaos, despite their methodical approach. Utilizing loopy jazz, sun tinged Punkrock, and searing depth of originality, Secnd Best has a sound that is in a near state of a nuclear cataclysm, always teetering on the verge of a transcendence grace that is altogether a style of their own. Plus Kyle smells like farts.


Kyle Ikola – Vox / Guitar

Matt Dodak – Guitar / Vox

Joni Krieger – Vox / Bass

Brian Ward – Drums / Vox