Toxic Kid - Self Titled - album cover.jpg


Pop Punk / Punk / Skatepunk

Purveyors of the 2/3 minute jam, Toxic Kid redefine simplicity and fun through a gauntlet of antagonizing original hooks, old school 80s beat, and eyebrow rolling charm. Harkened back to the days of humor-soaked precision and laissez faire craftsmanship, Toxic Kid get the floor moving through their relatabley infectious dance steez served hot and ready alongside delightfully snide, but never chide attitude. Forged in the heat of their self-imposed DIY work ethic and road dog mentality, Toxic Kid aim to please not only the drunks and all age tribes of the world, but many of their fans’ mothers as well.

Tip your bartenders accordingly.


J Toxic – Vox / Guitar
Sid Malicious – Guitar / Vox
Tommy Tsunami – Bass / Vox
Gimpy – Drums / Vox